Phoenix Controls

Precise, Protective & Proven Airflow Management

Phoenix Controls provides precision airflow control systems for critical environments for pharmaceutical companies, universities, hospitals, government research facilities, and more. Phoenix’s innovative airflow control solutions are not only safe but also efficient, reducing maintenance costs and saving energy.

Phoenix Controls

Phoenix provides solutions for three primary areas:

Integrated building management

Healthcare Spaces

As a result of Phoenix Controls system, patients are more comfortable and healing in their rooms, and negative-pressure beds can be switched quickly in the event of a pandemic. In isolation rooms, control systems maintain negative pressure in the space to prevent airborne infections from spreading. To maintain sterility, operating rooms use Phoenix Controls to maintain positive pressure at all times.

Integrated building management

Research Environments

Phoenix Controls provides the most effective solution for hood density, supply air diversity, and temperature control sequences. Manufacturing facilities in the pharmaceutical industry require superior pressure, temperature, and humidity control, and only Progressive Offset Control (POC) from Phoenix can meet these demands.

Integrated building management

Life Science Facilities

Phoenix controls are ideal for maintaining climatic conditions in vivariums and ensuring the integrity of scientific research. Research integrity and researcher comfort and safety are ensured by Phoenix’s ability to ensure proper pressure and reliable environmental controls.

Why Phoenix Controls?


Testing and Balancing (TAB)

Long-Term Stability

Valve Family

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