About Us

We are a 100% employee-owned company based in Greensboro, North Carolina, with engineers, technicians, and network specialists prepared to help with any size or complexity of project.

Since 1985, HBT has been committed to taking care of customers, completing projects on time, and exceeding deadlines. We strive to surpass customer expectations because customers are the lifeblood of our business. In every aspect of our projects and interactions with our personnel, customers will experience that. We are committed to solving your problems and presenting solutions as quickly and accurately as possible. From initial project meetings to construction, commissioning, and service, HBT puts clients’ needs first.

Hoffman Building Technologies (HBT) provides complete building management systems and networking between multiple locations. A variety of entities can benefit from HBT’s integrated systems, including hospitals, corporations, schools, apartment buildings, and financial institutions.

In addition to installing your building management system, Hoffman Building Technologies offers maintenance services to maintain all of your systems, regardless of whether or not we installed them. Maintaining your integrated systems regularly is crucial to maximizing their efficiency and extending their lifespan. Your building systems are in good hands with us.

We are a 100% employee-owned company based in Greensboro
Our team will develop and install a building management system that optimizes your building’s mechanical and electrical systems

Our team will develop and install a building management system that optimizes your building’s mechanical and electrical systems. By doing so, owners/operators maximize efficiency, minimize energy consumption, and increase tenant/occupant comfort. We offer building management solutions whether it’s a new construction project, a retrofit for an existing building, or simple maintenance.

Thermatec: A Division of HBT

Thermatec became a part of Hoffman Building Technologies in 2021, expanding HBT’s territory into Nashville, Tennessee. With world-class controls contracting, Thermatec has built an outstanding reputation in Nashville. Thermatec’s engineers, project managers, systems specialists, and technicians offer an unparalleled combination of experience, expertise, and resources in order to improve and manage building environments with innovative control systems in Nashville and the surrounding area.

best in class
best in class

Hoffman Family of Companies

Founded in 1985, Hoffman Building Technologies, Inc. (HBT) is the controls division of Hoffman & Hoffman. Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc. has been providing engineers, owners, and contractors with heating, filtration, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions since 1947.

HBT is a proud member of the Hoffman Family of Companies, which also includes Hoffman Mechanical Solutions and Hoffman Hydronics.