nLight® from Acuity Brands

The use of nLight enabled luminaires reduces device complexity, allowing for easier installation and reconfiguration of space without any of the problems associated with interoperability at the site.

Lighting that is nLight enabled reduces design and installation costs while aiding in code compliance. With its extensive portfolio of nLight-enabled luminaires, Acuity Brands offers unrivaled application flexibility. nLight luminaires enable future upgrades via simple firmware updates, advanced scheduling, remote programming, or BACnet® integration, in addition to reconfiguration and reprogramming. In order to support any project requirement, we offer nLight enabled luminaires in every category.


For any networked system, nLight can be considered a plug-and-play option. The nLight can manage up to 16 channels, so you can use Channel 1 for simple control, or link similar rooms on the same channel for greater control. In addition to occupancy sensors, nLight can also be controlled by configured automated settings.

Wired Lighting Controls

Wired lighting controls refer to products that use cables and wires to control and regulate the lighting in an office, classroom, or other environment. These products allow users to customize the lighting environment in their space and to remotely control the lighting. Wired lighting controls products are usually connected to wall switches or dimmers, and may include motion or occupancy sensors, timers, and other control devices.

SensorSwitch Wired and Wireless Enabled Lighting

SensorSwitch wired enabled lighting controls provide a comprehensive, easy-to-install, energy efficient and cost-effective lighting control solution. With a range of occupancy and vacancy sensors, daylight harvesting, and time scheduling, SensorSwitch products offer a complete package for any lighting control application.

SensorSwitch wireless enabled lighting controls provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for controlling and monitoring lighting from anywhere. With its easy installation, low power consumption, and cloud-based platform, SensorSwitch wireless enabled lighting controls are the perfect solution for any lighting control application.

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