Rockwell PLC

Wide Range of PLC Programmable Controllers

There are a wide range of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and programmable automation controllers (PACs) offered by Rockwell that can be used in large, small, or even micro applications. With a variety of sizes and types of controllers to choose from, Rockwell is sure to meet your needs.

Tridium automation system

With innovative programmable logic controllers (PLCs) developed in the 1970s to today’s scalable, multidisciplined, and information-enabled programmable automation controllers (PACs), Rockwell control systems provide you with advanced control solutions for simple as well as complex applications.

In the most demanding applications, they have controllers that can manage process, safety, and motion. In order to meet the demands of smart machines and manufacturing equipment, they offer packaged and modular solutions.

Build a Scalable Control System

Whether you’re looking for discrete and process controls, motion controllers or safety controllers, Rockwell can help.

Large PLC Control Systems

Process Controllers

Small PLC Control Systems

Micro PLC Control Systems

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