Innovating Solutions for Comfort, Energy Efficiency, and Safety

A wide range of HVAC field devices is available from Belimo, including damper actuators, sensors, meters, and control valves.



We use Belimo’s damper actuators in applications that require reliability, performance and lower power consumption. With rugged components and NEMA housing options, these actuators are made to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Building Automation Systems (BAS) can communicate directly with them via BACnet, Modbus, or MP-Bus. NFC technology is available in some models to enable programming, commissioning, and troubleshooting.

Available sensors and meters

We offer highly reliable sensors and meters that are easy to install and integrate seamlessly with most major building automation systems.

Available sensors and meters

  • Temperature sensors ensure optimal building comfort.
  • Humidity sensors protect building infrastructure and manufacturing processes, stored goods, and museum artwork.
  • Air quality sensors for occupant safety and energy efficiency.
  • Pressure sensors for efficient HVAC systems.
  • Room sensors measure temperature, humidity, dew point, and CO2.
  • Two gases can be measured simultaneously by factory-calibrated gas monitoring devices.
  • Flow sensors provide accurate, reliable flow measurements for maximizing HVAC efficiency and conserving energy.
  • With thermal energy meters, building operators can recover costs by charging tenants for heating and cooling.

Control Valves

Offering a complete range of innovative valves, Belimo provides optimal flow control solutions. In addition to pressure-dependent valves, Belimo offers mechanical pressure-independent valves, electronic pressure-independent valves, and an IoT pressure-independent valve connecting to the cloud.

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