Distech Controls

Distech Controls connects people with intelligent building solutions

By partnering with customers, HBT and Distech controls work to deliver innovative solutions that contribute to better health, better spaces, and better efficiencies.

We leverage a myriad of products from Distech Controls, including building automation systems, HVAC plant controllers, room controllers, occupant interfaces and room sensors, touchscreen display products, light controls and blind control platforms, field devices, and access control systems.

Distech Controls connects people with intelligent building solutions<br />
Software and Apps<br />

Software and Apps

Software and apps are available from Distech Controls that make programming and end-user experience easier. Hoffman Building Technologies specializes in providing you with software and apps that meet your specific needs.

Mobile apps offered by Distech allow direct customization or control from occupant phones.

The Atrius Building Insights solution can be used to monitor the energy consumption of a single building or report on sustainability across an entire enterprise.

Moreover, Distech Controls provides plenty of programming and productivity-enhancing tools for engineering and design, logic programming and graphics, installation and configuration, and commissioning, maintenance, and servicing.

Software-and-Apps Distech Controls

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