We need smart building solutions to create smart buildings.

This is where Alerton’s suite of products joins Hoffman Building Technologies’ experience. For superior insight and control, our team can assess your project needs and design the appropriate solution for your building.
Alerton’s scalable BACnet Building Management Solutions offer open protocol integration and parallel support for IPv4 and IPv6.


Building Management Solutions
with better visibility and improved control

Integrated building management

Integrated building management

  • Using Compass 2, you can gain actionable insights from analyzing building data across systems.
  • With cybersecurity products, data, processes, and people are protected.
  • The Productivity Suite makes utilizing AI easy, convenient, and efficient.
Integrated building management

Equipment Controllers

  • Managing, optimizing, and monitoring your building is easier than ever with Ascent Control’s BACnet capabilities and the flexibility of the Tridium Niagara platform.
  • In advanced EMS & HVAC DDC applications, VisualLogic IP (VIP) controllers provide robust engineering capabilities. In addition to powerful processors, universal I/O, and expansion modules, VIP controllers offer flexibility and power for smart buildings.
Integrated building management

Long-term solutions

  • As your needs change, this technology can easily be upgraded to provide long-term reliability. Keep your system up-to-date more efficiently with backward compatibility to avoid costly retrofits.

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