Argus Controls

Plant-Centric Control & Automation Systems

Horticultural facilities benefit from Argus Control’s advanced automation and environmental control solutions. Precision control of the climate and nutrients is critical. If you are building a new facility or expanding an existing one, Argus has the solutions you need.

Their controls and automation solutions are suitable for a wide range of greenhouse and indoor growing applications, including commercial horticulture, cannabis production, plant-derived pharmaceuticals, and more.


Argus TITAN System

A powerful, integrated solution for managing your greenhouse, indoor growing operation or entire horticultural facility.

  • Precision climate control
  • Intelligent lighting control
  • Advanced irrigation and fertigation
  • Extensive data logging and analytical capabilities
  • Custom monitoring solutions and alarm capability


A controls solution designed specifically for ventilated greenhouses to help you get growing fast.

  • Designed specifically for ventilated greenhouses to meet the needs of growers
  • Controls for venting, cooling, heating, lighting, air movement, humidity, and irrigation

Irrigation Management & Capabilities

Proper irrigation can increase average yields while minimizing environmental impacts caused by excess applied water and subsequent agri-chemical leaching.

  • Intelligent demand-based irrigation strategies
  • Water source and storage tank level management
  • Water quality monitoring and control

Fertigation Management & Capabilities

Dynamically adjust watering rates and nutrient concentrations throughout the day and over the entire cropping cycle.

  • Seamless programming and operation
  • Adaptable to any nutrient delivery system
  • Optimal nutrient control multiple zones and any size

Optimization Software

Stay updated on your operation, dive deep into your data, accelerate decision-making, manage your Argus apps and more.

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