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Hotels around the world are looking for quiet HVAC systems that require relatively low maintenance and can be integrated with other building systems. Hotel HVAC systems must be able to provide consistent temperatures throughout the building, while also being efficient and economical in their use of energy. Hotel HVAC systems that include occupancy-based controls can save thousands on electricity costs.

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Hoffman Building Technologies offers a suite of solutions for hospitals and medical facilities
hospital’s climate control system must meet specific requirements so as to minimize the spread of airborne illnesses

Comfort: Guests can be quick to complain if the air is too hot or too cold in individual hotel rooms. We can help you keep hotel rooms comfortable with the right HVAC equipment. There are peak demands for everything from energy to water in hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other business establishments. We can help you understand HVAC requirements, equipment output, and energy requirements. Providing hospitality facilities with the energy efficiency they need is something we have quite a bit of experience with, while also meeting the comfort expectations of their guests.

We specialize in hotel building controls, including energy-efficient HVAC systems, energy management and monitoring, and other building automation solutions. We can help you make sure that your hotel is running as efficiently as possible, while also providing a comfortable environment for guests.

Some of the most common energy-saving features in hotels include: installing thermostats, insulating pipework, repairing leaky taps, switching to LED lights, reducing settings on air conditioners, installing light sensors, enacting smart climate control, and installing air source heat pumps. Our team is ready to help you get your building’s systems working for you and the comfort of your guests.

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