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Government Facilities

There are thousands of government offices and facilities across the country, each with its own needs for occupancy, purpose, and functionality. These offices and facilities vary widely in terms of their specific requirements, necessitating the need for customized solutions to meet their individual needs.

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Hoffman Building Technologies offers a suite of solutions for hospitals and medical facilities
hospital’s climate control system must meet specific requirements so as to minimize the spread of airborne illnesses

Government buildings require the utmost in security, which is what controls systems provide. Before choosing a building automation system (BAS), the size of the building, number of pieces of equipment, expected energy savings, and the availability of trained staff should all be considered.

The most effective targets for energy conservation in building systems are the HVAC system and the lighting system. The HVAC control algorithms should include optimization of the start/stop of chillers, boilers, air handling units, and all associated equipment. For example, the algorithm should take into account the outdoor temperature and the occupancy of the building in order to decide when to start/stop the equipment.

This will include feed forward controls based on predicted weather patterns. Separate control equipment shall be used for lighting control, allowing BAS monitoring, reporting, and control settings. In order to minimize equipment run times without drifting outside of comfort set points, optimal start/stop calculates the earliest time systems can be shut down prior to the end of occupancy hours and the latest time systems can be started up in the morning. To anticipate peak or part-load conditions, weather prediction programs store historic weather data in the processor’s memory.

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