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Data Centers

Data centers require consistent temperatures, humidity, air movement, and air cleanliness to maintain high-quality electronic components. The airflow and contaminants of systems should be reviewed to ensure that equipment is adequately cooled, and the air is not contaminated. Using appropriate controls equipment, facilities personnel can be alerted if humidity levels exceed defined thresholds.

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We can help design a data center HVAC system and install an automation system to minimize energy consumption. Common contaminants found in data centers are ferrous metal particles, white dust, zinc whiskers, and chlorides/salts. These contaminants can cause corrosion and damage to servers, so it’s critical to keep an appropriate level of humidity in the room.
The HVAC system and building automation system can also be used to detect any changes in temperature and humidity in the data center. This will alert personnel so they can take action to keep the environment clean and cool.

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