Building Automation Systems

You can take control of your whole building or campus with integrated automation systems for maximum energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprints. This technology is designed to connect every system in your building.
A single console or application can control HVAC, lighting, power, security, fire safety, gas, and even water. A system designed to minimize energy consumption can be used to manage everything that uses energy. A properly designed and installed Building Management System (BMS) enhances how you monitor and control your building.

Optimize your building with a BMS

Do your building’s systems work in unison? Do they work together to ensure all occupants are comfortable and safe? The purpose of BMS controls is to do just that, and the benefits are many.

Energy Savings

Energy consumption can be high in large buildings. Building management systems use advanced technology to reduce energy consumption.

Money Savings

Using less energy saves money. Properly managed BMS controls will result in significantly lower utility bills. Business owners and others benefit from this.


Control all your building’s systems from one console or application. Any systems not performing efficiently will be detected by energy monitoring. Mobile devices and smartphones are notified of security risks or security issues. You can remotely control lights, adjust thermostats, and more.

Occupant Satisfaction

A building’s occupants are of primary importance no matter what its purpose may be. Students, tenants, employees, and patients are what matter. Successful businesses are driven by satisfied people who are satisfied with the BMS.

Count on us to integrate your systems, regardless of the manufacturer

A single integrated system can manage nearly any HVAC manufacturer, lighting manufacturer, etc. Some systems may benefit from an upgrade to increase energy efficiency, but it is not always necessary. Whether you need to improve your systems for maximum performance or you simply want to make them more reliable, Hoffman Building Technologies can help.

integrate your systems

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