HBT can bring digital transformation to your industrial operations

We can use Ignition’s Digital Transformation solutions to make it easier for your industrial operations to become digital. With all your devices connected, you will be able to collect more data. There is no limit to the number of tags you can create or the number of users you can add. We can create custom applications that can be instantly deployed to virtually any industrial or mobile device via the web.

Integrated building management

Unlimited Data Tags and Connections

Hoffman Building Technologies can connect to all the data tags, PLCs, databases, and devices you need. All your important data and analytics will be accessible to your entire team across your entire organization with unlimited run-time clients.

Integrating IT with Process Technology

Integrating IT with Process Technology

Ignition is cross-platform and built upon trusted open technologies like SQL, Python, OPC UA, and MQTT. We can install on any major operating system including mobile OSes like iOS and Android.

Integrated building management

Transform the Plant Floor with New Productivity

Let us put the control back into your hands to streamline your process and increase productivity.

If your industrial plant needs streamlined controls, contact us today. We have the experience to help solve your biggest systems needs.