Hoffman Building Technologies receives Gold Safety Award from Highwire

by | Sep 27, 2023 | Announcement

Hoffman Building Technologies (HBT) received a Gold Safety Award recognizing our historic safety performance and current safety management systems on Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2023. Congratulations to HBT and our safety team for ensuring everyone has the proper training and equipment they need to complete jobs safely. 

Highwire, a cloud-based risk management mobile platform, delivers the Gold Safety Award to companies who register a safety score between 85% – 95% in their Safety Assessment Program. 

“The program provides thorough, objective and consistent evaluation of company performance so clients can identify, monitor, and manage risk smarter,” Highwire said in a press release regarding this award. “The results provide a strong indicator of how a vendor or contractor values safety and a reliable predictor of future performance.” 

We are incredibly proud of this achievement, and we take immense pride in our commitment to safety. Congratulations to our dedicated safety team — Josh Jeffers, Jane Forbes Fields, Aaron Noah, and Kwesi Neale — on being recognized for your incredible work with HBT! 

Thank you to all the HBT technicians who prioritize safety while working in the field. By using the proper equipment, following procedures, looking for potential improvements, and staying up to date on safety training, you all are taking great care of yourselves and our business. 

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